I launched this website during the last week of May 2009, about 9 months and 3 weeks ago.  Earlier today LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com received its 10,000th unique “hit” or click.  Of course these page hits do not include mine, but clicks here from all over the world.  Of course there are websites and blogs (mostly regarding news, business and politics) that receive thousands and thousands of hits each day, but I’m happy that this site has received the attention it has over the past almost 10 months.  Thanks to those who’ve visited.  I hope to make this site more interesting, more informative and even more interactive over the next year.  がんばりたいと思います!

Of course, part of being “more interactive” is to invite readers to suggest Japan-related topics or subjects you wish to know more about.  Sure, you can always just “google-up” information on this or that topic, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide a personal or other “twist” on the subject that google would not necessarily be able to cover.

All kind things –



  1. Hi, and thank you for a great site once again. I am really happy to see that your blog is going great and that people are finding there way to it. your way of writing truly does put a personal touch on a lott of different subjects and it is a pleassure to read your articles.

    There is one thing I would be greatly interested to read about, but I am aware that this subject is so large it would not be enough with one single article about it. I am still hoping to see someday articles about Japanese school system, from a teachers point of wiew and the daily life in school for the children aswell. Rules, teaching system, teacher – student relations ( the ones I am used to are basicly pretty bad (Scandinavia) ) and so on.

    As I pointed out I am aware its a huge subject, but boy o boy would I love to read about this from someone that has actually been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt so to speak 🙂

      • letsjapan
      • March 18th, 2010


      Thanks much for your thoughtful comment.

      As a matter of fact, some years ago I taught in the Japanese public school system. It was only a year, but quite an interesting and mostly very enjoyable year.

      I appreciate the suggestion and, indeed, I will work-up a post on this within the next several days (with photos).

      You may want to read my stories (clickable atop this page), “Etsuko” and “Duty,” which are set against the backdrop of my life as a public school teacher in Japan. The “Etsuko” story goes into some detail about my in-school experiences, but, again, that’s just the backdrop for the main story.

      Kind regards to you,


  2. Congrats on the hits and ofcourse many more! Just keep on writing about things in Japan! Love the blog!

      • letsjapan
      • March 22nd, 2010


      Tonight I plan to post one last update on Kurosawa and the all-day-long film festival that airs tomorrow, Tuesday, 23 March, on Turner Classic Movies (here in the U.S.)

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