Kurosawa Marathon TODAY (23 Mar) on TCM

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a U.S.-based television network that shows (obviously) classic films 24/7.  Maybe  satellite tv users can access TCM from around the world.

From “One Wonderful Sunday”

Today — 23 March 2010 — concludes  TCM’s month-long salute to Japanese directing legend Akira Kurosawa.   His films, from “Ikiru,” to “The Seven Samurai,” to “High & Low” (actually “Heaven & Hell”) “Ran” have amazed and delighted and moved audiences for over half a century.  His influence on world cinema and directors from John Ford to George Lucas to Francis Ford Coppola to Sergio Leone to Martin Scorsese is unmatched.  And tomorrow’s line-up is an day-long marathon, beginning at 7:00 a.m. (Eastern) with “Sunshiro Sugata” [1943] and winding up the next a.m. with Kurosawa’s 1970 “Dodes Ka-den”.

What I’ll be particularly looking forward to is “The Seven Samurai” (“七人の侍” 1954), which will air at 9:30 p.m. Eastern, 8:30 Central.

I first saw “The Seven Samurai” in 1990 and have seen it 4 (5?) times since.  It’s beautiful and moving to watch.  And it was remade as “The Magnificent Seven” (Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn…) and . . . “A Bug’s Life” (which was dedicated to Toshiro Mifune, “Kikuchiyo” in The Seven Samurai and starring in 14 other Kurosawa films) .  And just before “The Seven Samurai” comes the classic “Rashomon“.  Rashomon has now entered English lexicon, meaning (as per the film’s theme):  “a situation wherein the truth of an event becomes difficult to verify due to the conflicting nature of different witnesses.” (source). Gee, that never happens.

The Seven Samurai

Note re:  photo above.  I know there are only six samurai pictured.  It’s a publicity still.

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