To Japan Tomorrow.

To my Japanese and can-read-Japanese friends:  明日日本へ帰る, not 日本へ行く。。。 That’s how it feels to me.

I will be guiding 12 people to Japan and back.  I look forward to it, to being back in Japan, to seeing all but one person (our intrepid Professor) other than me experience Japan for the first time, and to being somewhat responsible for turning them all on to this and that place, aspect, scene, experience that they would otherwise not experience or, if not paying attention, would miss.  Here’s a little article on the trip from a local business journal (where, as I say below, the reporter sort of almost quoted me correctly, but her bosses failed to give me a photo credit).

Hiean Shrine. Kyoto. November 2009.

This time I’m only taking my little “point-and-click” digital camera.  I’ll try to take a lot of pics, but won’t have time to just wonder about on my own doing so.

Will see several old friends and meet and make some new ones.  I’ll try to do a couple of posts, no doubt short ones, while in Japan, but the days will be long and when I’m back in my hotel will want to mostly sleep — grabbing a few hours as I can.

Until Japan . . .


    • writechic
    • May 20th, 2010

    Bon voyage! 😀

    • lestuff
    • May 20th, 2010

    Safe travels! I’ll look forward to an update when you get back.

  1. 1. Lovely picture
    2. I wish you a great trip back to Japan, since back home it kind of is that you are going. Home is said to be where your heart finds most comfort wondering around, and somehow I can read about your heart every time I read your blog. Looking forward to read about the trip when you come back, make sure to show Japan to your fellow travelers the way you wanted to be shown the first time you went there, there hearts will surely want to come back home to Japan again then.

    Have a lovely trip 🙂

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