Some Great Japan Blogs

If this one, the one you’re on and reading now, leaves you thinking there ought to more or better ones out there (although I really, really try to provide a variety of topics, subjects, issues), know that, indeed, there are.  Here are some of my favorites (also found on this site’s Blogroll, over on the right hand side of this page):

*   IN PRAISE OF IZAKAYA*  – Ramble round Tokyo, taking in cool watering holes, food, jazz.

*   BUDGET TROUBLE – Japan fests & photos (a Lonely Planet featured blogger).

*   CHOKOCHOKO –  A premier Japanese language e-zine.  Very fun.

*   FUJI MEETS THE MATTERHORNSwiss in Japan.  Commentary, insights, etc.

*   STEVE SAYS KAMPAI! – a Brit who’s (understandably) nuts about the Hanshin Tigers.

*    LOCO IN YOKOHAMA – provocative, fun, irreverent.

*   TOKYO 5 – Living in Tokyo with his wife & 3 teens.

At Daisho-in, Miyajima. Just off the coast from Hiroshima. 2008.

This list isn’t exhaustive.  Lots more over to the right side of the page, blogs and other sites.  Check them all out and feel free to send in any that you think should go on the roll.


*I’ve got to self-promote this one of mine on Izakaya.  And, of course, feel free to navigate around this site, too.


  1. Thanks for the link and kind words.
    I’ve added a link to your site on my blog too.

      • letsjapan
      • August 25th, 2010

      どういたしまして。 You put a lot of heart and smarts into Tokyo 5, and it shows. Thanks right back to you, by the way.

      All kind things,


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