Congratulations, New Creepy Heir-Apparent to the North Korean Throne.

This site / blog is “,” but, of course, I have posted India-related Front Page pieces, China and India stories (right there via the “STORIES” tab above), and, indeed, my China story (every word true), “Delegation,” ends with quite an insight about China – North Korea relations.  So, why not make and post a vid memorializing the ascension of Kim Jong-un to the Heir-Apparentness of the North Korean (aka, the “Democratic [sic] Peoples’ [sic] Republic [sic] of Korea” <- they got the last word right at least) Dictatorship/Throne?  I could think of no good reason not to, so I did.  It’s crude, but it’s also my very first effort.  The video contains a few horrors.  There are horrors in North Korea, too.

And here’s the link to it over on the YouTube.

My apologies to Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, one of the best bands ever.


  1. Congrats on your editing piece! It’s work, isn’t it?

    Now the subject matter is wholly depressing…and the song apropos. 😦

    • letsjapan
    • October 11th, 2010

    Thank you and, yes, it is, indeed, work.

    A weird irony of the continuation of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea is that the South Koreans, Chinese and even Japanese (let alone the U.S. Gov’t) are not really chomping at the bit for a coup d’etat or revolution in the DPRK as their afraid of what would happen if the whole country were thrown into chaos. A gradual loosening-up of things is what all the Realpolitikers are hoping for.


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