Five (very) Short Vids

Four of these were made in May, 2010, and one in November 2009.  Enjoy – 楽しんで下さい:


1. A scene along the Kamo River at night.  May 30, 2010 (34 sec):


2. The People Machine… that’s what it looks like to me.  Shinagawa Station, Tokyo.  May 2010 (36 sec):


3. Bic Camera, Yurakucho District, Tokyo.  May 2010 (48 sec):


4. Earlier that same day, May 30, along the Kamogawa.  On the San-jo Bridge looking down & around.  A favorite place of mine (1 min 14 sec):


5. Late afternoon, before the crowd comes in, at Rub a Dub Reggae, Kyoto.  November 2009 (1 min 37 sec):

Note:  the Rub a Dub vid featured immediately above is part of this photo & vid essay,  “Reggae a la Kyoto.”


  1. Yokata! Thanks for sharing!

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