One Year Ago Today (Nov 8, 2009)


Bamboo Grove behind Shoren-in. Kyoto. 8 Nov 2009.

I was in beautiful Kyoto for several days last November.  I had a few meetings with both long-time and new colleagues.  During the day I had a couple of free hours and made a point to walk around familiar stomping grounds (going back to college student days when I was a 30 min train ride outside of Kyoto, on the Keihan Line).  Shoren-in, a 15-20 minute walk from the little inn where I was staying (but I got in trouble with Kay-san a couple of times for coming in past curfew.  Yes, there’s a curfew, which is quaint in its way, but can be a pain sometimes.  More on Three Sisters Inn in this story, “A Night in Kyoto.”),  and 10 minutes walk from Heian Shrine, was one of my stops.

I got to take a late afternoon, sunset stroll, too.  I took the photo while standing on the western edge of Kurodani-dera (temple), looking out over the northern edge of Kyoto’s Okazaki District, across the city and towards the Western Mountains.

Sunset from Kurodani-dera. Kyoto. 8 Nov 2009.


    • Steve Smith
    • November 8th, 2010

    WOW and WOW again!

    your Friend
    Steve Smith

      • letsjapan
      • November 9th, 2010

      Thank you, Steve. Yes, it’s a pretty special place.


    • Donna Hall Morrow
    • November 9th, 2010

    You have captured some lovely memories with your photo’s.

      • letsjapan
      • November 9th, 2010

      Thank you, Donna. In fact, one of my main purposes in doing this blog (as things have evolved) is to impart through
      words, photos and video some of the the feel, some of my experiences, in Japan to those who may not get or take a chance to go. Of course I hope it entices some people to visit (to live for a while?), too! Yeh, I don’t want to have a blog where it’s just about “this is what I did,” or “this is what I saw.” I want a blog that lets people know, “This is what I felt.” And in doing so, perhaps, just perhaps, they can enter that world, just a bit, and feel some of that, too. As much as one can feel Japan sitting at a laptop. But, hey, great writers, great books, put us into another place and another time all the time, don’t they? I’m not saying it’s what I am, but it’s always nice to have a goal, to aspire to something. And a great aspiration of mine here is to surround you with Japan, to put you in it, just for a moment or two. And if that happens, you’ll feel something special and good, and sometimes a little strange. But strange is not always bad!

      All the best,


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