“My Tunes” . . .

This is a bit off the beaten trail for LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com, but what the hell.


Rub a Dub Reggae. Nov 09.

.     .     .

A small blurb about “My Tunes (yes, my tunes) is featured in this month’s Birmingham MagazineScroll about 4/5ths way down the page and look for the “My Tunes” feature, with a little pic of me at Ryoanji next to it (one Japan connection there).  The magazine limited how much I could write about, so please don’t think that that short paragraph encompasses the breadth and depth of all music I dig.  I mention J-Pop, though (Japan connection No. 2).

Back over to Japan.

The town of Ikuno was the next one over from where I lived in 1990-91.  In the Spring of ’91  I attended a town festival in Ikuno.  It featured a children’s salute to a local Shinto Shrine’s Turtle Kami (local deity).  Here’s a picture from the little parade for that.  Note the turtle.


Ikuno Spring Festival. 1991.


Of course no traditional small town festival in Japan that traces its heritage back hundreds of years would be complete without Bluegrass Music.  So the local bluegrass band, The Green Mountain Boys, were the festival’s feature band.  That’s Hashimoto-san on lead guitar below.  I was invited to come on stage and play a few songs with The Green Mountain Boys, which I did (guitar).  I had a couple of photos of me, there on stage.  But can’t find them. So it goes . . .


The Green Mountain Boys. Ikuno, Japan. Spring 1991.

.       .       .

“Banjo” (バンジョー) Country-Western Bar.  Tokyo.  May, 2010.

.       .       .

“All Roads…”  Nara (Japan’s Ancient Capital).  May, 2010.

.       .       .

    • Mary Carpenter
    • March 12th, 2011

    BenGoshi – Thought of you immediately after the quake hit. Had taken note that had not seen you on DKos for quite some time. ANYWAY….just happy that you and yours are safe and sound. Keep me posted. Your friend, Mary aka Dixiedemocrat

      • letsjapan
      • March 12th, 2011

      Thank you so much. Very kind of you. Please feel free to email me at letsbengoshi@yahoo.com

      If you look at my Front Page piece on this (scroll down… updates), you’ll see that a friend of mine here in Bama finally got word from family in that affected area that they’re all alright and accounted for. And, as mentioned, I’m due over there in about 5 weeks.

      Please stay in touch. And thank you again.


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