“Stars in the Sky”

My friend lives with her husband and children on Bowen Island, British Columbia.  Last night she sent me this email which, after asking and gaining her permission, I now publish.


Just home from a fundraiser for Sendai.

Someone here on Bowen lived Sendai-way for a year, 15 years ago.  She read a letter from ‘Michiko’ with whom she has kept in touch since then.  A touching story of a schoolbus found, full of kindergarten-age children who were to graduate the next day, clasping one another, gone.

“They are now stars in the sky,” said the letter.  More than a few sniffles . . .
Michiko wrote that there are hundreds of stories like that.  I cannot imagine.  I don’t want to imagine.

The woman here has kept in touch with three of the people she met.  She’s only been able to track down two of them since March.

The fragility of life.

Afternoon nap. Hibiya Park. Tokyo. October 2007.

.       .        .
  1. It’ll always be so sad if we imagine it. Hope Japan get well soon and no more huge earthquakes.. .

      • letsjapan
      • April 16th, 2011

      Dear Biozu,

      Thank you for commenting here. It’s so difficult, knowing that on one hand there’s a whole section of Japan that’s suffered so much destruction and continuing difficulties and grief, while on the other hand most of Japan is (understandably and rightfully) trying to “move on” — not in a cold or callous way, but to simply survive and come through this tragedy. In the medium and long term Japan will not only survive this, it will thrive even more. It’s gone through much, much, much worse, of course. But that doesn’t diminish individual sadnesses and tragedies, and those should be remembered and we should grieve with those who have suffered and continue to mourn…


  2. Well said for a topic, I truly don’t find the right words.
    Aftershocks are almost gone now in Tokyo, life seems back to normal… but still for me personal I cannot go back to the “old normal”, the “old normal” does not exist anymore.

    Sibylle Ito

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