Going Commercial

I dig Japanese commercials.  And I’m so glad YouTube’s around so that I can post commercials from years gone by, ads I saw and enjoyed while living in Japan.  It’s also allowed me to discover many new ones that exist on a level many times above those in the U.S.   I’ve featured a few of these in past posts, and some are first-timers here:


Sapporo beer commercial, directed by Butch Belair:


A sake-in-the-carton commercial:


An incredibly filmic, beautiful Sapporo beer commercial from 2010:


Clip Show I:  Ten short commercials from 1984.  Note the Perfect Blonde American Family, and, later, James Colburn Speaking Lark.  Also, compare the level of production sophistication with those from the other Clip Show, below, from 15 years later in 1999:


A recent one from DoCoMo, a biggee in Japan’s cellphone industry (props & hat tip to “Kyoto Journal” for bringing my attention to this:


Clip Show II:  From 1999.  Note Honda’s using the BMW logo (whoa!) and the Japanese English “ONLY Cook Do.”  Also re:  later Honda commercial, I’m not so sure using a dung-beetle to roll-in your new model is the best way to go :


Can you fight on for 24 hours?!

    • Mark Brafford
    • May 21st, 2011

    Lucky you are not here to watch the infomercials.

    • letsjapan
    • May 21st, 2011

    The thing that I (and other Westerners living in Japan back in the day) used to always say was how we loved that most Japanese TV commercials were so short (15 seconds). So even the bad ones were over fast. Whereas in the U.S. the bad ones (i.e., 99% of all commercials) would just drone on and on and on.

    At least with the infomercials you can still practice your Japanese! Do they say, all excitedly and enthusiastic-like, “すごい!” “すばらしい!” “信じられない!!!” ???


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