2 Years (2年記念日) – 8 From the Archives.

Okazaki Jinja Mae. Marutamachi Street. Kyoto. 2008.

In eight days it will be two years since I started this blog  —  a hobby, an outlet, a platform to post Photo Galleries and Short Stories.  That would be 11 Galleries and 9 Stories, so far.  And 138 Front Page posts, like this one.  Well, not like this one — the vast majority are much more substantive than a “Greatest Hits” retrospective.  (update – as of early morning on May 24 this site’s welcomed more than 44,525 page clicks since the end of May 2009)  Following the photo below (all photos are mine) and between the other photos below, I invite you to check out, or revisit, 8 of my favorite Front Page Posts (picking 8 out of 138 was not easy, but I hope will be demonstrative of the greater “body of work”).

To-ji Temple. Eighty-Eight Prayers. Kyoto. 2008.


 Please note that these are not necessarily “The Best,” but, rather, just some favorites that occurred to me.  Enjoy…

  1.   Kinosaki Onsen ・城崎温泉.  (A famed and beautiful hot-springs town).

  2.  Three Sisters Inn.  (People either love it, or not.  One’s frame of mind is important).


Little Imai Town. Several antiquities trips here. This photo: 2003.

  3.  Hotels.  (Some worth while insights for the first time traveler to Japan).

  4.  Kurodani-dera (A sentimental favorite Kyoto temple — and to Westerners, one of the lessor-known ones).


Kurodani Temple Gate. Kyoto. July 2004.

In rummaging through a large box of old, used photos I found this one, just above.  It takes me back. . .



Bullet Train Man. On the platform. 2010.


  5.  Okariba ・お借り場 (a Kyoto BBQ Joint).

  6.  Things About Japan (the Everything Post it took me 1 1/2 years to get around to doing).


Ryoanji Temple Rock Garden. I never tire of visiting. My Kyoto. 2010.


  7.  Sake ・日本酒 .  (This speaks for itself).

  8.  Shinmonzen-dori.  (A very recent post here.  Kyoto’s Art & Antiques Street).


Rice Harvest. Tsuda, my little town. 1984.


Manga Boys. Lawson Convenience Store. Okazaki, Kyoto. 2007.


A bonus vid.  On May 30 — on the 1-year anniversary of this blog’s inception — I made this 34 Seconds along Kyoto’s Kamogawa (The Kamo River).  While I’m not a big fan of “Techno” music, it can have it’s moments.  This was one of those moments.  And the admonishment, over and over again:  “Don’t stop!”  I like that.

.       .       .

Update:  O.K., I like this one, too:  Josetsu’s “Catching a Catfish with a Gourd.”


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