Thank You, Peter Falk. 1927-2011.

Three of my favorite things:  Peter Falk, Suntory and Hopeful Feelings (and another one cool bartenders) . . .

.         .         .

Peter Falk, 1927 – 2011Star of Stage, Television, Film . . . and Japanese commercials (that’s a big glass).

. . . And as Sam Spade in Murder by Death (with the classic howler, “And I never did nothin’ to a man that I wouldn’t do to a woman!“):

.         .         .

Addendum:  I had also posted a YouTube vid of the opening title sequence and theme song for “Columbo,” but after some time Warner Bros., which owns the show and theme, blocked it.  Somehow Warner Bros. thought/thinks, it’s in its best interest to block the free advertisement because it can’t figure out a way to make money off the video.  Idiots.

  1. He was also in just about every one of John Cassavetes’ many arty movies.

      • letsjapan
      • June 24th, 2011

      Oh, yes. That’s why I provided the link to the IMDB bio page as I didn’t dare try to undertake a complete biography or filmography of him.

      Thank you for stopping by. And “Cheers” to Peter Falk.


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