To Japan, Indeed.

Note:  the piece below was written Friday, in the U.S.  Got kicked off Detroit Airport wireless about 3 minutes shy of posting this… I now type this at about 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning, in a hotel, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

.           .           .

About 3 hours ago, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.  The view from Seat 7C before the cabin door closed.  A couple hours later, Detroit.

From Seat 7C. Birmingham Airport. July 29, 2011.

Here’s an interesting bit of international air travel trivia:  it’s about 67,812,903,267 miles (+/-) from where I am now, Detroit, to Narita Airport (Tokyo) which is the exact same distance from Gate C8 (where my from-B’ham plane parked) to Gate A57 where Japan-bound 747 is currently parked.  Amazing.

I’ve got another 20 minutes before I need to head over to said Gate A56 to await the cattle call for Flight DL 275 to Narita.  I’ve just finished up an incredibly authentic “Chicken Enchiladas Verdes” at the Detroit Airport’s Jose Cuevo Tequileria.  I mean that about the authenticity:  the attention to detail of capturing the True Essence of Old World Detroit Cuisine is a thing about which I marvel.  Hopefully my lower GI tract won’t marvel too much in the coming hours.  I did skip the beans.  It is, after all, a long, long, long flight.

"A Concourse" mid-point Fountain. Detroit Airport. July 29, 2011.

I like the Detroit Airport, actually.  I’ve been flying in and out of here for years, back and forth to and from Japan.  I miss Northwest’s route to Osaka’s Kansai International Airport (NW69 to, NW70 back from).  Delta cancelled that route when it gobbled-up Northwest.  Anyway, lots of memories here.

Note:  the servers all say “Hola!” in a (to my Southern ears) Sarah Palin-sounding accent  (Michigan/Alaska, it’s all the same to an Alabamian) to new customers when they sit down here.  It’s sincerely nice, I suppose, like the “WELCOME TO CAPTAIN D’s” chorus that assaults all who pass through that fast fish place’s front door, but it’s unnerving nonetheless. 

A Very Good Thing:  a couple friends of mine and I have been discussing Catch-22 over the past few days and I thought it’d be a great book to re-read on the flight (I have no idea where an old copy of mine went to, many moves ago…).  Found this at the going-out-of-business Borders store, between this Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Gate A56.  I brought a few other books, and I have businessy stuff to study, and a Japanese reader, but am very glad to have found this:

Found at a still-in-business Borders. Detroit Airport. July 29, 2011.


Til sometime, somewhere in Japan . . . また、会いましょう。。。




time passes . . .




。。。Well, Hello.  From Japan.


    • michelle
    • July 30th, 2011

    cool pics

  1. I’ve always liked the Detroit Airport too. Seems VERY calm compared to the other big boys.

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