From my little balcony, facing north, towards Kurodani Temple. July 31.

As I’m here on business, I made a point not to bring a “nice camera” along, so all shots from this trip come from my little Droid phone.  Those buildings (roofs) to the left of the photo are the gate, main worship hall and lecture hall of Kurodani Temple.  (which this site’s regulars know I have something of an obsession with).  If you look closely on the extreme right-hand side of the photo you can see the very top of the pagoda that sits atop Kurodani’s eastern hill.

View from my little balcony if I look to my right:  Nanzen-ji Temple ( This photo, in my Rain Gallery, was taken about three years ago, just at Nanzen-ji’s entrance):

Just after the rain. View looking east, from Westin Miyako room. July 31, 2011.

Several things motivate me to post these pieces on Japan, especially regarding Kyoto-related experiences. Obviously, I just enjoy share with others places that I’ve found special over the years.  I want for people who will never come here to feel at least a bit, if only a slight bit, of what I do.  For those who’ve been to Kyoto, it’s a gift to remind you of places that I know have moved you, too, to reignite memories.  A few residents, or people who are within hours of Kyoto, stop by this website, too.  Not that you need any reminding of what a unique place this is, but I hope that my perspective — the perspective of someone who stops by once or twice a year, as it’s been the past dozen years; someone who himself once lived nearby (close to Hirakata-shi, down the Keihan Line) — helps reinforce your affection for this singular place.

Morning gloaming, from my hotel room  . . .

About 10-til-5:00 a.m. East mountains, facing north. Kyoto. August 1.

.         .         .

Later on this morning the semi (pron. “seh-mee” / セミ・ cicadas) are making a wonderful, powerful racket here:

.         .         .

  1. 🙂 This takes the edge off my issues with your Holmes/Norbu article. lol


      • letsjapan
      • September 9th, 2011

      Was it me, or the book?

      Either way, thanks. I mean that.

      By the way, you should be happy that I didn’t quote the first paragraph of _Sacred Games_.


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