Osaka Day 大阪の日… in black & white.

The JR Platform. Kyoto. August 2.


Not much to say other than today I and my clients went into Osaka (we’ve been in Kyoto the past couple of days) for meetings today.  About a 1/2-or-so ride by JR Shinkaisoku ( 新快速 ) train.  Can’t talk about the meetings other than they went well and were very informative and that they proved — once again — that a person or a company MUST get on a plane and go to whatever other country it is that they want to, or are even thinking about, do(ing) business in.  Until you’re one the ground and meeting face-to-face, you can’t really understand things, conditions, and all the dozens or hundreds or thousands of subtle things you need to know to properly evaluate matters (opportunities, pros-and-cons, etc.).

As for the following photos, mind you, as with all others on this trip, they’re just made with my Droid 2.0 cellphone.  And I was not on a photographing trip today, but had other more serious things to focus on.  Nevertheless, I was able to take a snapshot here and there.  I decided it was time for a Black & White gallery, too.  One thing:  I apologize to Osaka.  It’s a rich, vibrant, exciting, colorful town.  Sorry if the B&W and limited range of photos here make it look overly . . .  well, you decide.

I start out at Kyoto Station, as that’s where we started out this morning —

When train cars kiss. Kyoto Station. August 2.


Separated by a common platform. Kyoto Station. August 2.

On to Osaka —

A couple of the many, many platforms in Osaka Station. August 2.


Mid-morning lull. Osaka Station. August 2.


Timetable. Osaka Station. August 2.


Flying concrete. Osaka. August 2.


Umeda 1. Osaka. August 2.


Umeda 2. Osaka. August 2.


Umeda 3. Osaka. August 2.


On the way back to Kyoto. Osaka Station. August 2.

.         .         .

    • Adski
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Lovely photos. Can’t wait to visit in October!!

      • letsjapan
      • August 2nd, 2011



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