6 august 2011: 3 Photos from 1 Year Ago.

It’s rare that I just up and post a photo, or two or three, and say, “Well, that’s it.”  I suppose that I ought to say something about these, below.  This evening I caught a couple different trains and made it over to the Tokyo Dome area, and to the “LaQua” shopping/restaurant complex there.  I met a friend that before tonight I only know cyberly.  He and a couple of his friends work for a large auto company whose name I would guess you would be quite familiar with.  Good people.  Many interesting discussions.  Nothing intense and no Problems of the World solved.  Just kindred spirits enjoying some time and some drinks together.  These pics were snapped on my way back to the Sakura Hotel.


At the Toei Mita Line. Tokyo. August 6.


On the train. Yama no Te line.  2006.


On the Yamanote Line. Late at night. August 6.


Lagniappe –  three more:

New way to walk one’s dogs. Ikebukuro, Tokyo. August 6.


Near the pub where we met for drinks. Tokyo. August 6.


Meiji Era Kimono Stencil. Gift from Kyoto-born Sakuro Hotel friend.

.         .         .

    • Harold Archer
    • August 7th, 2011

    Hi R, this looks great and we should have snapped a few photos of the 2nd office! You could have mentioned the world’s first spokeless ferris wheel (how does that work?) and the jet coaster that flies thru the middle. You have a picture! You could have also mentioned how 10 years ago when it was first built, they attached rubber wheels to the coaster to make it “quiet” since this is right in one of the downtown areas of Tokyo! Alas, the wheels were quiet but people screaming on the coaster did not help the neighbors relax! I also highly recommend the LaQua Spa next time you are here. Really one of the best things about Tokyo and Japan, with natural mineral waters pumped up from how many meters below the crust? This is not your old fashioned men’s spa either and you can co-mingle in the common area with your wife or favorite office or other lady. They have all kinds of amenities in the “value chain” of services and goods from the “bar” to the “barber” or “beauty salon” to the (how many types?) of massage and nails and head or whatever “care” to the “oxygen bar” and lounge area. Feel like a king there with me next time…and let me know if they have anything like that back in God’s country sweet home Alabama? Waiting for your next trip! H

      • letsjapan
      • August 7th, 2011

      Hey, with comments like this, Harold, you’re gonna put me out of business! Thanks for the supplement (really). Now that I know how to get to your 2nd Office I’ll try not to be a stranger so much — depending on when opportunity or necessity brings me to town.

      Thanks much for everything. And thanks, too, to S and R. I’ll be contacting them, and you, directly.


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