Off Radar for a few days… back in Kyoto now.

Kintetsu Mall. Kyoto Station. 10 August.

You regular visitors and subscribers to this site/blog may have noticed that I’ve been off-radar, have “gone dark” over the past several days.  Well, I had been off-radar.  Sort of back on now.  Nothing overly dramatic, Kyoto remains beautiful but shockingly hot, and, well, did I mention it was hot?  Here are a few pics I’m posting to start combinations…

Out front of internet cafe. 12 August 2o11.


Still Life & Koshien in Old Coffee Shop. Ni-jo. August 11.


Me, I succombed to an order of fries. August 10.


Manga. August 12.


Shop along the Marutamachi. 11 August.


About 2 blocks off of Kawaramachi-Sanjo. August 10.


Tatami Shop on Marutamachi Street. August 12.


Morning sun bathes my room. Three Sisters Inn. August 13.

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    • Lois
    • August 17th, 2011

    Sweet pics. Love especially the shadow cast by the pine needles.

    Leaving for three weeks in Korea by this weekend. First time Asia-way since… then.

    Have blog. Will post.

    The times they have a-changed.


      • letsjapan
      • August 17th, 2011

      Wow. Since . . . then.

      I’m so looking forward to reading about your adventures, and seeing the pics. By the way, you know that the Koreans dig, uh, meat, even more than their Japanese cousins, right? I’m sure they have great veggies, too, of course.

      Anyway, I’m very happy for y’all.


      p.s. — and thanks for the nice words about the pics. Every one on this trip done with nothing but a “Droid” phone. Me, the conceptual artist.

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