AKB 48

This is not my magnum opus   “It’s My Last Night in Japan”  blog piece.  I probably won’t do that one until I’ve been back in the U.S. for several days, irony and time constraints being what they are.

But I felt compelled to post this one.  This was the last little watering hole I hit tonight, a place now familiar to me, “Harumi-ya,” there at the corner of San-jo and 花見小路道, not far back down San-jo from Kawabata dori.  This is the exterior of Harumi-ya:

Harumi-ya. Kyoto. August 2011.

And this is what was on TV there:

The audience in Harumi-ya were mezmerized:

The show is called “Exile 魂” (Exile Tamashii) and, yes, is a sort of Japanese version of “American Idol,” or it’s just an homage and tribute to All Girl Groups, or this one in particular, or something.  So it goes.

Harumi-ya is a Good Place with Good People. . .

.         .         .

  1. Not really like American Idol … Exile is a really popular all-boy-band (without about 18 members I think ) that have their own TV show (Exile Tamashi) and that night they invited the most popular all-girl-band (AKB48) onto the show … If you can imagine Back Street Boys (members multiplied by about 5) meeting up with a really young (pre-teen and barely legal) version of Destiny’s Child (members multiplied by 15 !) – I know, its really really scary.

      • letsjapan
      • August 31st, 2011

      Thanks, yeh, I sort of noted that (re: the not exactly American Idol kind of thing). I just mean the concept — at least for this particular special — of kitschy tunes and “judges” sitting around waxing philosophically about, well, kitschy, vapid pop. You’re conjuring-up very disturbing images (in your last line or two) and I’m glad my familiarity with these, uh, Concept Groups, is very limited, otherwise I would, indeed, be scared.

      Cheers to you. Thanks for your input and clarification. Please come back and visit and comment — the comments really help “fill-out” many of my posts and I appreciate them!


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