(Last Hurrah for) Rabbits.

I’m re-posting this, putting it back atop the Front Page, with just a little more than two weeks left to go in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit.  In a couple of weeks I’ll be posting a new “Year of the…” piece for 2012.  That would be an homage to the Dragon.  But here’s one last tip of the hat to the Rabbit.  My year, in fact.  It’ll roll back round in a dozen years, in 2023.

.                    .                    .

In East Asia 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit (“Rabbit” is usagi ・兎 in Japanese).  I posted a pretty fulsome piece, here, on this back in January.  Rabbits are everywhere in Japan these days, as the following several photos, taken last week and the week before, show:

Okazaki Shrine... The Rabbit Shrine. Kyoto. August 13.


Sale. Along Kawaramachi Street. Kyoto. August 14.


At "Chibitto." Small bar just off Marutamachi. Kyoto. August 9.


More bunnies at Okazaki Shrine. Kyoto. August 13.


3-panel noren (curtain). Pontocho restaurant. Kyoto. August 11.


"Manjuwari." Sweet shop window display. Kurama. August 13.


In Kurama Onsen's (hot springs) vestibule. Kurama. August 13.


Ema (絵馬) wish/prayer plaque, Okazaki Shrine. Kyoto. August 13.


Reads: "This year's my year, y'know." Book fair. Kyoto. August 14.

And let’s not forget the Rabbit in the Moon.

.         .         .

The history of Okazaki Jinja・Shrine 岡崎神社 (click on photo to make larger):

Placard at the entrance of Okazaki Jinja. Kyoto. August 13.


Detail of explainer placard above. Okazaki Shrine entrance.


"Honden," Main Worship Hall. Okazaki Shrine. August 13.


Maneki Usagi (招き兎) in front of Okazaki Jinja Honden. August 13.

.         .         .

Parting shots . . .

This really is great salad dressing.  I brought several bottles back with me.


“Luna Luna” (“Moon Moon” — Rabbit in the Moon, get it?).

  1. The Year of the Rabbit has been very good to me!

  2. I love the photo of the rabbits lined up at Okazaki Shrine… very nice one. Of course, whilst it’s great being a rabbit this year – you have to have sympathy for all those fat (delicious) bunnies come New Years Day.

      • letsjapan
      • August 23rd, 2011

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeh, that’s a fun pic (“Rabbit Row”).



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