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Early August.  About six weeks before this post.  I was in Tokyo and my American client had just left for the airport.  I had a few more days in Japan’s capital, and a couple of meetings to make for second of several projects which took me to Japan.  I checked-out of the nicer, Nihonbashi (my photo) area hotel (that the client had paid for) and headed over to the Ikebukuro District to hole-up at a less expensive, not-your-usual hotel (my photo) during the rest of my time in Tokyo.  I’ll work-up a piece on that and a couple other hotels and post that next week.  For now, though, I just want to share a few photos of a woman walking her dog.  Nothing special about a woman walking her dog in Tokyo.  Except I don’t recall ever seeing a woman, or a man, walking their dog(s) this way .  .  .

Walking the Dogs. Ikebukuro District. Tokyo. August 2011.


Multitasking. Ikebukuro District. Tokyo. August 2011.


Exercise: Rags & Trixie Feel the Burn. Ikebukuro. August 2011.

Update:  A couple of emails have asked me, “So, you were taking pics of this woman and her dogs from afar, and then you’ve got this one close up.  What happened there?”  The easy answer I walked up to her and struck-up a short conversation, asked her if I could take a picture of her doggies.  She was really nice, seemed flattered and said, “Please do  ( 「どうぞ」 ).”

.          .           .

Then there was the dog walking around in front of the Soft Bank phone store, just a few blocks away .  .  .

Earlier that Day... Ikebukuro District, Tokyo. August 2011.


Down in Kyoto, along Pontocho, there’s this sign, which I’ve walked past many times over the past few years .  .  .


I can’t take my own poo-poo (ウンチ) back home so I’d appreciate 

       it if you’d take if back home [for me]!!


Post Script –

I have a doggy, too .  .  .

Chloe goes wild.

    • Mark Brafford
    • September 16th, 2011

    Rick, This one made me smile, every dog that can be carried around here is being carried, sidewalks are too hot for bare and likely bear paws.

      • letsjapan
      • September 16th, 2011

      Thanks, Mark.

      Just a short little post to highlight a couple of quirky pics. In a day or two I’m going to re-post (after some minor tweaking) my big “Autumn” front pager, but wanted to put this one up first.

      Cheers to you and yours. Share this around as/if you see fit.


    • Lois
    • September 23rd, 2011

    Saw this in Seoul just a few weeks ago. Must be the kimchee…

      • letsjapan
      • September 23rd, 2011

      O.K., I had to go over to TheCountryMice.Wordpress.Com and find out where on the Planet y’all were now. That photo of N in front of the large red work is great. And the old crones. Heh. This last trip to Japan I didn’t take a camera. The *only* shots I took were with my half-baked Droid phone. As I had clients I was shepherding around for half the trip I thought it’d be a might tacky and unprofessional for me to be clicking away all the time.

      Anyway, that’s my excuse for all these pics looking like snapshots from grandma’s ceder chest circa 1965.

      Cheers, and enjoy those hopping rats with the thyroid conditions!


    • Hyunju
    • November 9th, 2011

    Hi Richard,

    It’s been a while since i visited your blog. I hope you are doing well!

    I wonder if you have ever seen this segment from CBS Sunday morning show ( I show this video clip to my students in consumer behavior class when I cover lifestyle chapter. It is very interesting to come across your photos which tells me that wow this is really happening in Japan.


      • letsjapan
      • November 9th, 2011

      Dear Hyunju,

      How wonderful to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well. I can hardly wait to look at that YouTube clip/segment.

      Please stay in touch!

      All the very best to you,


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