Foodie III. What’s that? ・ 何ですか、それ?

Note:  most of these photos were taken with a Droid phone, thus the low quality.

.          .          .

Ikebukuro ラーメン, Tokyo. August 2011.

This piece is primarily for those who’ve not yet visited, let alone lived in, Japan.  Most of these dishes will be very recognizable to anyone who’s spent any length of time in Japan.  Some will be recognizable to anyone who has a decent Japanese restaurant nearby, or just generally obvious.  There’s no sushi or sashimi here, though.  So, then, what are these photos of?   Feel free to drop me a line with your answers.  If you read Japanese, well, you probably know what these all are anyway.  By the way, you can see “Foodie II” and “Foodie I” immediately below this piece.

1.       氷抹茶   

Kyoto. August 2011.

2.  たこ焼き

Late Night Snack. Kyoto, August 2011.

Hint here’s another batch being made (in Nara, May, 2010).

3.  ホルモン

Tokyo, August 2011.

Hint — Here’s part of a sign for one of these restaurants, this one in Kyoto (August 2011).

4.      やきとり ( はさみ & 皮 )

Kyoto, November 2009.

5.  お好み焼き

Kyoto, August 2011.

6.  稲子 

Kyoto, August 2011.

.               .               .

Post Script  .  .  .

Late meal detritus & Nigori-zake. Ichiban Yakitori. San-jo, Kyoto. 2010.


  1. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

      • letsjapan
      • November 16th, 2011

      Heh heh… can you name them all? ;0)

      Seriously, I just wanted to remind my gaijin friends that, much as I love sushi and sashimi, Japanese food’s got a lot more to offer than that. And, of course, this (in this and the Foodie I and II posts, are just tiny examples of a large and varied cuisine.


    • Lois
    • November 23rd, 2011

    Does the winner get a gastronomic tour to the land of the rising sun?

      • letsjapan
      • November 23rd, 2011

      Yes, as a matter of fact. And you’ve Won! Yes, Lois, you and G. have a Three Week, All Expenses Paid, Foodie Tour of Japan coming up! Y’all will pay all my expenses for 3 weeks and I’ll take y’all all over Japan eating wonderful things!

      One of our staff will contact you next week with my frequent flyer number so that you can use it when buying my plane ticket (First Class, please).

      Thank you so much for playing! ;0)


    • Lois
    • November 23rd, 2011

    Nothing beats Kyoto-style okonomiyaki, BTW.

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