Smiles & Blunders.


On an Autorickshaw. Near Bangalore (or Mysore), India. May 2006.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in the U.S.  I’ve posted and updated a Thanksgiving-in-Japan piece.  But it seems an appropriate time to travel to India (recall that Indians were integral to the first Thanksgiving Dinner.  I kid.  I kid) and invoke the words and memory of Mahatma Gandhi.  Please also — on this “Black Friday” in the U.S., note No. 4.  Pick out others, too, and consider how they apply to current events.  Here are what Gandhi called The Seven Great Blunders:

1.  Wealth without Work.

2.  Pleasure without Conscience.

3.  Knowledge without Character.

4.  Commerce without Morality.

5.  Science without Humanity.

6.  Worship without Sacrifice.

7.  Politics without Principle.

.               .               .

For more Images of India, you’re invited to visit this gallery.

  1. Wise words, a good stepped-back way to look at the world (and stepped back is how I prefer to see it these days!). Your blog makes me sad I haven’t been back in so long. And, glass half-full, I think I’ll try and make it back there soon again. Thanks for the inspiration. Amazing blog, great stuff!
    Happy new year! No mochi-choking to all, y’hear?

      • letsjapan
      • January 1st, 2012


      27 years is too long. We’ve got to get together this year. Somewhere over here in the U.S., Japan, wherever. We’ll email to get that in the works, deal?

      Cheers and Happy New Year to you, friend.


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