Summer in December

Sketching in the August Heat, in the Kamo River. Kyoto. August 13.

In a few days it’ll be mid-December and what better time to remember some summer scenes.  .  . and oppressive, semi-debilitating heat and humidity.  Folks living and doing business in Japan, and we travelers there this summer, certainly remember “Business Cool” (shirt sleeves and no suit jackets owing to office air conditioner thermostats being set at a uniform 28C, that’s 82.4F, to conserve power in the wake of the Fukujima plant disaster).  But, all in all, people weathered it in good spirits, knowing that everybody was in the same, scorching boat.  Now I offer some images from my time in Japan this past summer to assist the warming process for you in North America, the U.K., Northern Europe, or Honshu or Hokkaido who have snow outside, or are huddled next to the fire or heater, bundled-up in quilts, or are enjoying your hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) as you scroll through this little gallery.

Kiyomizu-dera. Kyoto. August 1.


On the Platform. Kyoto Station. August 2.


"Ganbaro!" Hang in there, Japan! Nihonbashi restaurant. August 3.


Ikebukuro Intersection (note the Fan Man). August 6.


Dad walking his tot. Ikebukuro. August 8.


Sakura Cafe. Ikebukuro. August 6.


Obon Rites: Tending to a Relative's Gravestone. Kurodani-dera Cemetery. Kyoto. August 13.


Rabbits. Okazaki-jinja (shrine). Kyoto. August 13.


Morning Stroll. Marutamachi Street. Kyoto. August 13.


Taking a break, cooling off. Kurama. August 13.


Summertime Salarymen. Nihonbashi, Tokyo. August 5.


Taking a break, cooling off. Shimogamo Shrine. August 14.

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    • Lois
    • December 13th, 2011

    Nice everyday shots with an unpretentious feel.

    I love those salarymen! Where’s the power drink?!

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