Drinks・飲み物.  Year in Review.


I didn’t plan this, but it seems that over the past 12 or so months it seems I’ve posted several liquidy, drink-related pieces this year.  Sake, Coffee, Beer, Whisky (the “e” ‘s not used in Japan).  So here they are again.


Sake from Tohoku. Tokyo Restaurant. August '11.


Hanafusa Coffee. Kyoto. August '11.


Baird's own craft beer. At Robert's house. Kyoto. August '11.


Yamazaki Station. August '11.

.        .        .

Vending Machine (Jidohambaiki). Kurodani Temple. Kyoto. November '09.

    • James Agee
    • December 20th, 2011

    Very nice post! I love stuff like this, cool cups at the top too.

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