Kawara & Yane ・瓦と屋根 – (Tiles & Roofs).

I dig traditional Japanese roofs.  Most, not all, are tiled.  The tiles are called “kawara.” Roofs are called “yane.”  Below are several links to sights that will tell you all about the various kinds of karawa and yane.  I just wanted to share some photos of kawara and yane I’ve taken over the years.

Kyoto Kawara. 2009.


Looking west from Kurodani Temple, Kyoto. 2004.


Kawara atop wall. Hiean Jingu/Shrine 平安神宮. Marutamachi, Kyoto. 2009.


Between houses. Yaginishiguchi. 2004.


To-ji Temple, Kyoto. Great Gate & 5 Story Pagoda. 2008.


Roofs between Kiyoicho and Washiocho, Kyoto. 2003.


Kurodani-dera. Kyoto. 2009.


Kyoto Kawara. 2003.


Yaginishiguchi. 2004.


Wall topped with Kawara. Eikan-doh, Kyoto. 2008.


Part of the Todai-ji temple complex. Nara. 2010.


Just outside of Kurodani-dera. 2009.


Himeji Castle. “Sachihoko,” dolphin-like kawara, guard against fire. 2008.


Chionin Temple Gate, Kyoto. 2003.


Wall and gate and roofs, while walking in Okazaki (Kyoto). 2008.


Looking down from the top of Himeji Castle. 1990.

More on Himeji Castle.

.                   .                   .

Japanese Roof Types JCastle:  Roofs & Gables.

KawaraTypes and History.

OnigawaraDemon Kawara (which protect the house). A friend’s blog . . .


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