One Roll of Black & White Film in Kyoto

The eleven photos below come from one roll of film.  I shot it in Kyoto in mid-February 2003.  As the receipt (see very bottom) shows that I turned the roll in on February 18th, I suspect I shot this roll earlier that same day, beginning very early in the morning, when it was still dark (note that the the pick-up time says 6:00 p.m. the next day, the 19th).  Or I may have shot this roll over the course of two or three days.  I’m not sure.

Note that it was rainy and overcast.  Kyoto’s beautiful like that, too. (click pic for larger image)


Yasaka Shrine.





Gion Shinhashi. Shirakawa.


Gion Shinhashi 2.0.


Elvis, Yamamoto & Takayama: Love and Politics.


Fence and Pine.


Lake Biwa Canal.


Dai Torii at Heian Shrine.


Gion. 5.0.


Kurodani Temple.


Kamogawa (The Kamo River).



My receipt for the roll of film.


  1. I love Kyoto! I was just there a week ago. It’s so beautiful!

      • letsjapan
      • November 29th, 2012

      Thanks for the kind comment. It is, indeed, a beautiful town. In all kinds of weather and seasons. Very happy that you were just there. First visit, or one out of many?

      • You are welcome! It was my first visit and I can’t wait to go back in April. I’ve only spent 3 days in Kyoto as Tokyo took most of our time in Japan.

  2. Black-and-white and rain is one of the most wonderful combinations in the world. I’m especially taken with Kamogawa, Fence and Pine and Gion Shinhashi. 1.0.

    It’s nice to see rain, too. Maybe some day we’ll get to see that again in real life. Drought’s come back to Texas, I’m sorry to say.

      • letsjapan
      • December 4th, 2012

      Yes, just when you’re all bummed out that it’s raining, you try and think, “How can I make this into something positive?” Talking about photographing Kyoto there, but, of course, such provides a wider lesson. I should study it more.

      Thanks always for stopping by. Hope that draught’ll end soon, of course.


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