Boston & Kyoto: Sister Cities.

From a 2009 article in The Boston Globe‘s online paper,

Boston, Kyoto Celebrate 50-year Bond

(excerpt) “For Boston, it’s the mother of all sister-city relationships. This week, Boston and Kyoto are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Boston’s first formal partnership with a foreign city.  A week-long flurry of public events included yesterday’s Japan Night at Fenway Park, honoring the four Japanese players on the Red Sox roster, among them Hideki Okajima, a native of Kyoto. Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa of Kyoto threw out the first ball. With him were a dozen boys from the Boston area who have just completed a baseball-focused exchange tour of Japan, a year after 12 young Japanese ballplayers visited Boston in a similar exchange. . . .”

I was last in Boston in August 2008.  Here are just a few photos I took in that wonderful American city . . .

On the way to The Barking Crab (great seafood).

Looking back, on the way to The Barking Crab (great seafood).


Locals love this place as much as visitors.

Locals love this place as much as visitors.


Boston's famous rail system:  The T.

Boston’s famous rail system: The T.


Look carefully:  you'll see the rainbow.

Look carefully: you’ll see the rainbow.

And there’s my dear, beautiful Kyoto.

Anyway, hang in there Boston / ボストン頑張ろう!    The world’s with you.  .  .

  1. That first photo is just splendid.

    In times of crisis, family always is a great support. I have no doubt that in some ways we can’t even predict, Kyoto will aid in Boston’s healing.

      • letsjapan
      • April 16th, 2013

      Thanks good friend. And thanks for the nice words about the photo. And, yes, I’m sure we all agree the country, and the world, and, Boston’s Sister Cities are all coming round to it. It doesn’t take away her pain, but sharing it makes it somehow less…


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