I started LetsJapan at the end of May 2009 to provide information about upcoming group trips I’ll lead, but it’s grown into something more. Since the fall of 2013, I’ve noted my Ebook, Dancing Over Kyoto, which I hope you’ll check out and enjoy.

At Ryoanji, Kyoto. March 17, 2007.

A little background.

Richard Newton is an attorney based in Birmingham, Alabama. He studied Japanese language, as well as Japanese history, business and art & architecture at both the University of Alabama and Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan, during the early 1980s. Following graduation from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1990, he returned to Japan to live and teach in a rural area deep within Japan’s Southern Chugoku mountain range. After that year in Japan, Richard returned to the U.S. to practice law, while while maintaining ties with friends in Japan.

In 1999 Richard returned to Japan and renewed connections with old haunts in Kyoto and its environs.  Over the past 11 years he’s traveled back and forth between the U.S. and Japan, traveling extensively throughout the Kanto and Kansai (Tokyo through Kobe) regions – almost 20 times as a businessperson, a photographer, a collector of Japanese art and antiquities. Richard’s worked as a dealer in Japanese porcelain, arts and furnishing. His personal connections extend to Buddhist temple priests, restaurant and gallery owners, artists, architects and innkeepers.

Richard has guided and co-lead tours to Japan for both the University of Alabama-Birmingham and recently Samford University ‘s Brock School of Business. His day to day work includes assisting clients — both U.S. and overseas companies — with various aspects of international business development, contract law, and the like, as well as working with local companies and individuals, meeting their various legal needs.  This site is maintained as a hobby and to teach others a little bit about the Japan, India and China that’s intrigued him and enhanced his life for so many years.

Birmingham, Alabama  U.S.

November 2010

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To contact Richard, please email him at:  letsjapan@yahoo.com


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