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“Ishi no ue ni mo san nen…”

In a Front Page piece from back in the summer,  I discuss (among other things) and provide examples of kotowaza (proverbs or wise sayings), including —

“Even monkeys fall from trees” (Saru mo ki kara ochiru / 猿も木から落ちる )

and “Sit on a rock for 3 years” (Ishi no ue ni mo san nen / 石の上にも三年).

“Even monkeys fall from trees” is pretty easy to understand.  In other words, even those with the most apparent skill (whether in social climbing or quarterbacking a college football team [St. Tim]) will someday get their comeuppance.  “Sit on a rock for 3 years” is a little more obtuse.  In sum, it means “be patient”.

So, with that noted, I ask those several of you who’ve emailed me about when I plan to post Satsuma, Part II (the follow up to, surprise, Satsuma, Part I) to please sit on a rock for 3 years, or, perhaps, just 3-5 more days.  I’m very appreciative of your eagerness to read the follow-up.  Hold on, I’m coming.

.    .    .

With that out of the way I post below, as several brilliant non-sequiturs, a few photos from bygone days, 1990-1, when I lived in the small town of “Asaki” (not the real name), Hyogo Prefecture.  This town forms the backdrop for my story “Etsuko“.  I’ve only recently come across these photos.  I haven’t really “cleaned them up”, yet, so pardon any old pits or shmutz on them.  Enjoy.


Woman walking her dog. Near my house in "Asaki". Spring 1991.


Youngsters at Hyogo Prefecture ski resort. February 1991.


Ruins of Takeda Castle. December 1990. One trainstop and a 30-45 min climb "Asaki", where I lived in 1990-1.