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Mix Tape音楽: JPop, JRock, JGae, JdroneMetal

Various . . .


Brown Sugar sings, “Arigatou” ( ありがとう ), in which they sing “Thank you,” from the heart to all the wonderful people in the world.  All those signs say “Thank you” to various people (“Mama, Papa,” for example).  Some in English, some in Chinese, other languages…


Boris is a post-punk, drone-metal, thrash/trash and ambient riot of cacophony and dischord.  I can’t get into all that they do, but they’re serious and I respect what they’re working on (h/t to @riceandi at Twitter):


The Yoshida Brothers, “Rising.”  This is just incredible.  Listen to the whole thing:  after the mid-song “break,” they really let fly; the first half is just a warm-up:

Here are the Yoshida Brothers collaborating with pop boy band “Monkey Majik” <-This song, “Change,” could sooo be a hit in the U.S. (h/t and thanks to Mark B).


(湘南乃風 「しょうなんのかぜ」 ” Shounan no Kaze” with their reggae-funk hit, “See You Again” (gets me every time – kind of ennui-soaked, yet hopeful) ->


BONUS TRACK:  Just had to include The 5, 6, 7, 8s:


BONUS BONUS TRACK:  One I made, actually:  Dawn Penn at Rub a Dub Reggae in Kyoto (featured in this post):



Tag – this theme’s “it” for a while.

Earlier today LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com updated its appearance.  Those new to this site won’t know the difference.  For those who’ve visited over the past 10 months, since this site’s/blog’s launch, will notice right away that this “Monochrome” format (that’s what it’s called:  Monochrome), with its clean gray-black borders, really helps the photography stand out a whole lot better than the all-white site.

=  Note to those who found there way here via a Tag:  Feel free to use the site Search Engine (bottom right-hand side) and enter the term/tag/post/info you’re looking for.  One or more posts/stories/galleries, etc. should pop up for you. =

Also quite different (than just 24 hours ago):  the top of the page has very few tabs.  Now each photo gallery is clickable through the drop-down tab (GALLERIES) at the page top, as are the stories, via the STORIES drop-down tab.

Finally, I ought to note that a couple of weeks ago I made a Facebook page for LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com to keep Facebook aficionados updated on posts and featured galleries and stories here.  I’ve also started posting a few Facebook-only comments, features and photos on the LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com Facebook page.

A photo apropos to nothing in this post.  I took in in Kyoto this past November and, well, I like it.

Finally, I’m “tagging” this post with many of my photo gallery and story themes and post topics (below and in prior pages) in hopes that this or that random googler will stumble upon this site and what it has to — and will — offer.

Hope you enjoy . . .