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North Korea: It’s Starting… A news round-up

Joyful North Korean Soldiers dance in April 2012 for now-ousted General Ri Yong Ho.

I’ve been watching the news coming out of North Korea rather closely since the last dictator, Kim Jong Il died last December.  Over the past week or so things seem to be moving (by North Korean standards) at light speed.  Here are recent headlines (with the kicker at the end):

+ July 13, 2012Who is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s “Mystery Woman?”

+ July 15, 2012Is Kim Jong Un Opening Up North Korea?

+ July 16, 2012Top North Korean General Loses Job.

+ July 20, 2012Kim Plans Economic Reform in North Korea.

. . . and, in late-breaking news:  Kim [Jon Il’s] Ex-Sushi Chef — “Kenji Fujimoto” — Invited Back to North Korea ( ! ).

My guess:  1. Jong Un went to school in Switzerland and didn’t want to look like a dork dictator in front of all his old classmates.  2. He’s got a hot, pop-singer girlfriend who’s just dying to make it big in South Korea and the West.  3. He wants to crawl out from under his dad’s and grandpop’s shadow.  4. He sees how the West turned on a dime with Myanmar/Burma once it began reforms.  5. Certain People in China told him it would be in his own best interest. Some combination of all that.

In 2005 I was in North Eastern China, not too awfully far from its boarder with North Korea.  Various adventures were had.  My last night staying in that part of China, though, I spoke with a local government official with some degree of frankness about the mood in China about North Korea.  This tale tells something of those several days in Anshan, China, with the payoff at the end, in re:  a “Practical North Korea.”



Speaking of North Korea . . .


A vid I put together a little over a year ago.  Some of you (who follow this site) have seen it, many have not.


.               .               .

Ahhh. . . and let the myth-making begin:

AP- North Korea says a fierce snowstorm paused and the sky began glowing red above sacred Mount Paektu just minutes before leader Kim Jong Il’s death.

State media say the ice on volcanic Lake Chon at the mountain in the far north cracked with a load roar.

And in the city of Hamhung, a Manchurian crane circled a statue of Kim’s father, late President Kim Il Sung, before alighting on a tree, its head drooping before it took off toward Pyongyang. . . .

Full article.


Congratulations, New Creepy Heir-Apparent to the North Korean Throne.

This site / blog is “,” but, of course, I have posted India-related Front Page pieces, China and India stories (right there via the “STORIES” tab above), and, indeed, my China story (every word true), “Delegation,” ends with quite an insight about China – North Korea relations.  So, why not make and post a vid memorializing the ascension of Kim Jong-un to the Heir-Apparentness of the North Korean (aka, the “Democratic [sic] Peoples’ [sic] Republic [sic] of Korea” <- they got the last word right at least) Dictatorship/Throne?  I could think of no good reason not to, so I did.  It’s crude, but it’s also my very first effort.  The video contains a few horrors.  There are horrors in North Korea, too.

And here’s the link to it over on the YouTube.

My apologies to Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, one of the best bands ever.