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A Few You May Have Missed, Part 2.

Some months ago I worked-up a  sort of “Few Posts You May Have Missed” post and promised (perhaps threatened) to do another installment.  This is that.  Before highlighting and linking to those few posts I want to note that I’m finalizing plans for a SMALL GROUP TRIP TO KYOTO THIS AUTUMN.  It’s 90% set and you can see the general itinerary here (or simply look at the top right-hand corner of this page), but I’m going fine-tune it over the coming days and reposting.  Please be on the lookout for that.


A recent post that somewhat came-and-went without much notice was mine on Hotels.  I posted it on this front page back in late April and it didn’t receive much attention.  Several comments, but worth another look.  I think that, all in all, it wasn’t too bad an effort.  Pretty interesting and offbeat, in its way.

Sign in front of a Ueno (Tokyo) hotel.  2008.

.     .     .

I posted the front pager ノート July a year ago. ノート is “note”, which is Japanese for “notebook.”  I always pick up one of these little things as soon as a get to Japan to make, well, notes in.    Somewhat more personal — for you, who are inclined to do a little spying, to read over the shoulder of a stranger, out there — from the page just below, from an October/November 2003 notebook (that cost me ¥120, about $1.11 in 2003, now at $1.31 with the Dollar’s fall since then) showing some direct quotes from a couple of exhibits at the Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka, those notebooks show more personal goings-on in my day to day activities from years past.  At the end of the day, I’ve got little to hide .

Bad handwriting. But I was standing and balancing this small thing as I wrote.

.     .     .

Autumn (秋), a front page post from late September last year.  As the temperatures (in mid-June) go from merely sweltering to blast-furnace hot, it may be worth while to recall a cooler season, and to remember that, eventually, it will come again.

Eastern Kyoto.  Near the Municipal Zoo.  November 2009.



To Japan, tomorrow…

Tomorrow morning (Wed, 4 November) I’ll be returning to Japan.  Many meetings await me — in both the business sense and in the personal and place way.  I’m scheduled to be gone about a week.  Too short a time.  Too short a time.  But this is not a “Fun Trip”, although I certainly look forward to being in the midst of Tokyo’s energy and Kyoto’s beauty in the heart of autumn, my favorite season in Japan.

Kurodani Dera. Kyoto. 2003.