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Foodie. おいしい料理!

I’ve had, and will be having, a particularly busy November (and likely December, too).  This means I won’t be able to post any particularly in-depth pieces here on the front page.  But November is Thanksgiving Month in the U.S. and gives me the perfect excuse to post a series of very short pieces on food and food-related joys and oddities I’ve come across in Japan.


I’m sorry, but this is just. not. right. ->

Surin Thai. Crestwood Village, B'ham, Ala, November 2011.

Mind you, I’m no food snob. Mixing and matching cuisines from various cultures is a good thing.  I admire and enjoy and make many cross-cultural dishes (and will probably do an entire post on that someday) and am all for experimentation.  But “BLAT” just ain’t right.  By the way, I particularly like Surin’s chicken noodle bowl.

Over the past two-and-a-half years I’ve posted more than a few food-related pieces here at Including pieces and photo essays on Izakaya and the restaurant Okariba and, recently, the coffee shop Hanafusa.  Restaurant-hopping in Kyoto is front-and-center of my story, “A Night in Kyoto. ”  I’m going to devote this whole month, though, to Foodie Things in Japan.  Mainly just a photo here or there from this past July and August, when I was in Japan for a couple of weeks.  Along with a comment or two about where I was or what I was eating.

This is right ->

Zaru-soba. A Kyoto specialty. Ground floor, Kyoto Station. Aug 2011.

Zaru-soba (ざるそば) — cold buckwheat noodles served with a “dipping sauce” the diner spices up to taste, is a cold  — and in the painfully hot summertime, refreshing and light — Kyoto specialty.  A bonus for those living abroad, that is, not in Japan:  the noodles and sauce and little onions and radish are fairly easy to obtain in Asian/Japanese grocery stores around the world.  So one can make and enjoy a decent approximation of the real deal all over the world.

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