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Rock On.

It’s art.  It’s music.  It’s cool.  The videos of 27 year old Kousuke Sugimoto –

Atop the vid it just says “Independent Production – Animation”  The name of the vid is “The TV Show.”


Full Moon Party.”  I think Link Wray would be happy with this.


Here’s the link to Kousuke Sugimoto’s YouTube Channel, which he invites you to subscribe to if you wish.  And here’s the link to Sugimoto-san’s website.  In his own words:

“I have learnt the animation technique by self-study.
And now I am involved in producing music video clips in Japan.”

Kousuke Sugimoto


Hat tip to Stephanie B, founder of “Playing with Hire,” and fellow Kansai Gaidai Alum, for putting me on to this.