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Tokyo (its environs, elsewhere) March 18 Update

The simplest front page post I think I’ve ever done.

I just want to guide people to my “go to” on-the-ground-in-Japan blog, Alabama native Chris Jones’ “Accidentally a Blog.”  Chris and his wife live in the outskirts of Tokyo.  His unvarnished reporting (neither sugar-coated nor panic-drenched) on what’s really going on in and around Tokyo is consistently better than any I’ve seen so far.

Next, here’s the link to go to NHK‘s (Japan’s BBC, or CBC) English language broadcast site.  Again, this is direct from Japan without the “Disaster Porn” that permeates virtually all Mainstream American Media reporting on the tragedies and challenges that have been ongoing in Japan for the past week.

On the Yamanote Line. Tokyo. May 2010.