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Smiles & Blunders.


On an Autorickshaw. Near Bangalore (or Mysore), India. May 2006.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in the U.S.  I’ve posted and updated a Thanksgiving-in-Japan piece.  But it seems an appropriate time to travel to India (recall that Indians were integral to the first Thanksgiving Dinner.  I kid.  I kid) and invoke the words and memory of Mahatma Gandhi.  Please also — on this “Black Friday” in the U.S., note No. 4.  Pick out others, too, and consider how they apply to current events.  Here are what Gandhi called The Seven Great Blunders:

1.  Wealth without Work.

2.  Pleasure without Conscience.

3.  Knowledge without Character.

4.  Commerce without Morality.

5.  Science without Humanity.

6.  Worship without Sacrifice.

7.  Politics without Principle.

.               .               .

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