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“Live Japan!” (that’s a quote)

I’m not quite sure if that’s “Lĭve Japan”  or  “Līve Japan”.  Whatever it is it’s the name of the just-launched Japanese government’s 2 month travel campaign with a goal of getting 10 million foreign tourists to Japan in 2010.  Good for them.  I hope it works out.


From the Campaign Website. Note: more hugging going on here (between foreigners, of course) than in 10,000 airport meetings between Japanese.


And you, you are invited by the Japan Tourist Agency to go for a chance to win any number of travel prizes to Japan, simply by filling out this survey (actually, I did.  Just took a couple of minutes).

The heart of the campaign, though, is the JTA’s urging expats in Japan to send “Greeting Cards” to their friends and families back in their home countries, inviting them to visit them (the expat “correspondents”) in Japan.  I like the “Meet. . .  In Japan” thing.  I can see it now:  “So, where do you want to meet tonight?  Starbucks?  That new Mexican restaurant?”  Response – “Hey!  How about Japan!”  “Cool.  Say, around 6-ish?”

Japan is, by the way, a great place to visit . . .


Kurodani dera Garden. Nov 2009.


Neighborhood restaurant. Tokyo. Nov 2009.


Just behind Shoren-in. Kyoto. Nov 09.


Vending Machine (自動販売機). Tokyo. Nov 09.


Where sweet surprises and surreal ironies abound (vid captured on cheap camera) . . .

Chionin temple in Kyoto, by the way, is one of the most famous throughout Japan.  Every New Year’s Eve Chionin’s massive bell, forged in 1678, is rung 108 times (an auspicious number in both Buddhism and Hinduism), can be heard throughout Kyoto’s Eastern Mountains, and is broadcast on national television.


Small Group Trip to Kyoto (April ’10)

This will be a brief post.  Just wanting to make a couple of announcements regarding our Spring ’10 trip(s).

* Our week-long trip to Kyoto is still on and I thank all who’ve signed-up, tentatively signed-up and/or who’ve expressed interest.  We’re going to have a blast.

* I’ve extended the deposit deadline a month, to NOVEMBER 16.   Please see the link atop this Front Page for trip details, itinerary, etc.

* I’ve made a command decision and nixed the more ambitious, 2-week, traveling all over the Kansai area of Japan trip . . .  for this year.  This was the one that included Kyoto, Himeji, Kinosaki, etc.  There was definitely interest, but we’ll put that off till next fall or the next spring, o.k.?

UPDATE: Please see new gallery:  “Fushimi Inari”, either by clicking this link, or at the top of this Home Page.

"Torii Tunnel" at Fushimi Inari.  2008.

"Torii Tunnel" at Fushimi Inari. 2008.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at:

Stone Buddha at Kurodani Temple, Okazaki District, Kyoto.  2007.

Stone Buddha at Kurodani Temple, Okazaki District, Kyoto. 2007.


Wedding Photos.  Niomon Street.  Kyoto.  2007.

Wedding Photos. Niomon Street. Kyoto. 2007.