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This Site: where in the world the clicks are coming from (updated)

Saturday, January 30 Update:   It’s been 1 week since I put the map above on the front page of 0this site.  See explanation below.  I’m also posting (about 10:45 a.m. U.S. Central Time) 2 low-resolution photos from this site’s “Dashboard”, to which I have access.  It shows “hits” activity on LetsJapan.Wordpress in Days, Weeks, and Months.  Note:  my clicks/hits to this site are not counted in any of the totals (that’s how these WordPress blogs are set up).  The 2 Dashboard photos were taken about 10:20 a.m.

= Click on the pic below to make it larger and readable =

Note:  “Weeks” are measured from Mon-Sun.  Therefore, on this Saturday morning, there’s a day and a half remaining before this “week” is done and the tally is complete.


As you can see, since starting-up this site at the end of May ’09, viewership has grown at a pretty good linear clip.  It’s certainly doesn’t compete with the big, 10,000 hits-per-day blogs, but isn’t too shabby, either.

The map above is from “” and if you have a website/blog you can pick up one of these maps here.  It only shows the (nearby) cities from where people have clicked onto this LetsJapan.Wordpress  homepage, not other pages or posts here.  So if someone uses a google search to find the photo gallery “Architecture” or the story “A Night in Kyoto” or the front page post “Regain, Chibi Maruko-chan and Simpler Times” and clicks directly to those pages, that won’t show up on this map.  I posted this map late yesterday afternoon, U.S. Central Time.  That’s when it began its work.  Indeed, I can see that it’s picking up only about  1/3  of the total clicks to this site (again, other clicks not coming to this homepage).  So it has its limitations.

I can access a “dashboard” that tells me which pages have been clicked and how many times, you see.  But until now, I had no idea where people were coming from to check out this site, not unless someone wrote a comment or sent me an email about a photo they appreciated or something they read here that they liked.

UPDATE: Bioko.  About 24 hours ago a little blue dot appeared off the West Coast of Africa.  I couldn’t figure out what island or group of islands this came from.  I had to look it up.  It appears that LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com has been visited by someone on the island of Bioko, part of Equatorial Guinea.